Master's Thesis

AY 2021

  • ABE Hayato: The effects of summer vacation on soccer performance in junior high school boys
  • ANDO Masaya: The relationship between international competition and international competitiveness in tennis
  • TAKAHASHI Sena: Birthplace effect of tennis and basketball athletes in Japan
  • TAKAHASHI Yuki: A study on the development pathway of Japanese national wrestling athletes : A case study using the FTEM framework

AY 2017

  • HANAOKA Moe: The difference in the formation process of the "perspective of the sport" affecting the athletic performance in the ladies alpine skiing and to examine the development environment required for the children period: comparing with Japan and Slovenia


Bachelor's Theses

AY 2021

  • SHIFRAISHI Hirotaka: Relationship between serve and volley and points acquisition among top male tennis players

AY 2019

  • ANDO Masaya: Relationship between the quality of the third shot and points won in the world's top male tennis players
  • TAKAHASHI Sena: The effect of attitude toward conditioning on competition results in tennis players

AY 2018

  • INOUE Yuya: Examination of Optimal Size of Small-Sided-Games of football Considering Playing Frequency and Type of Official Match
  • NAGASAWA Kosuke: Comparison of game environment of youth generation in football among Japan and strong country

AY 2011

  • MAKI Akira: A study on the development system of the youth generation in baseball of Japan
  • YAMAMOTO Kei: Availability of Net Streaming Distribution via Mobile Communication to Sports


  • KAMATA Toshihiro: A study on the cause of defeat in university ice hockey