Introducing a regular seminar held at the High Performance Sport System Laboratory (kawailab) at the University of Tsukuba and a seminar/workshop held at irregular intervals.

[[ Laboratory Seminar: Regular ]]

  • Laboratory Seminar: It is intended for students belonging to the laboratory, but it is possible to participate from outside.
    • If you would like to attend this seminar, contact us via the inquiry form.

  • Joint Seminar: (Once a month)



[[ Webinar: Regular ]]

  • Global Trends: Based on OSINT, exchanging information on issues in the world's High Performance Sport. (Fridays: 21:00-21:40)

    • Use Zoom, an online conferencing service, to do it online. If you would like to participate, please contact us via the inquiry form.

    • Main theme
      • Macro analysis on international competitiveness (medal share, results analysis...)
      • Measures to improve international competitiveness at the national level (system, personnel, budget, human resources development, facilities...)
      • New training means and methods (tools, environment, protocols...)
      • Technology that can be applied to sports


[[ Open Seminar/Workshop: Irregular ]]

  • Seminars/Workshopss conducted in the past
    • Social media Utilization workshop for Sports (2010/05 @ Cisco Systems)
    • Workshop on the use of iPad in competitive sports (2010/12 @ Ajinomoto National Training Center)


[[ Outside related seminars/conferences ]]

  • Seminars/Conferences of the Japan Sports Analysts Association
    • Sports Analytics Japan (as an action committee member in 2014)
    • JSAA Open Seminar

  • Conferences/Meet ups sponsored by companies, etc.