Our laboratory is intended for High Performance Sport, so we welcome students who are seriously engaged in competitive sports or have serious sports experience. Students who want to study High Performance Sport from other fields such as Information Science, Engineering, Political Science, and Business Administration are also welcome.

Associate Professor

Name Research theme
Kawai Toshinobu

Athlete development system in sporting success countries in high performance sport

Applying the latest technology to competitive sport

Master Course Student (AY2019)

Grade Name Sport Research theme
M2 Takahashi Yuki Wrestling Performance analysis in wrestling


Under Graduate Student (AY2019)

Grade Name Sport Research theme
U4 Ando Masaya Tennis  Game analysis in tennis
U4 Takahashi Sena Tennis  Utilization of conditioning data in tennis


Non-degree Research Student (AY2019)

Name Sport Research theme
Peng Ye Tennis Comparison of athlete development systems in Japan and China
Xie Wenhao Basketball Development of athletic performance in basketball