High Performance Sports System Laboratory (kawailab) of the University of Tsukuba is conducting research on the performance enhancement strategy of the sporting success countries. Also, we are addressing the research on the environments of athlete development of those countries and Japan in various sports.




  • Creating a system that goes half a step ahead in high performance sports


  • We will carefully organize our success stories and work on new challenges based on the knowledge gained.
  • We will abstract individual success stories and apply them in a variety of sport/discipline, not only in specific sport/discipline.
  • We aim to widen the knowledge of High Performance Spot to society from grass roots to health care.


  • Curiosity: To be interested in what is happening in the world
  • Challenge: Enjoy creating new value
  • Open mind: Being able to recognize different values



Our interests/ Educational - Research Themes 

To realize the VISION, the area of education and research displayed below are set up and the activities are carried out. 



Area of education, research and practice related to our laboratory



Our laboratory is intended for High Performance Sport, so we welcome students who are seriously engaged in competitive sports or have serious sports experience. Students who want to study High Performance Sport from other fields such as Information Science, Engineering, Political Science, and Business Administration are also welcome.



Associate Professor

Name Research Theme
Toshinobu Kawai

Athlete development system in sporting success countries in high performance sport

Applying the latest technology to competitive sport


Graduate student (AY 2019)

Grade Name Sport Research Theme
M2 Yuki Takahashi Wrestling On the performance analysis of Wrestling matches (tentative)


Undergraduate students (AY 2019)

Grade Name Sport Research Theme
U4 Masaya Ando Tennis  On the performance analysis of Tennis matches (tentative)
U4 Sena Takahashi Tennis  Study on the use of conditioning data in tennis (tentative) 


Non-Degree Research Student


受け入れ可 / Acceptable / 可接受